Pursuing Haitian Creole

2017-09-16 13.51.28I still can’t believe we’ve had over twelve bootcamps in the last four months from the west to east coast and north to south with people investing their time traveling from Philadelphia to Indianapolis, from Canada to Minnesota, from Oregon to Washington, and even from within their own state for up to 5 hours! Since the LHCwG program launched I’ve seen more and more people committed to learning Haitian Creole. I’ve received countless notes from team and organization leaders stating their surprise because of individuals and teams coming to Haiti for the first time carrying on simple conversation just because they purchased the books and video program before traveling. My favorite are the adopting families who say that their child/kids were surprised and thrilled that they could be understood and that the nannies were wowed! This is amazing! Really!

I want to thank everyone for making such huge efforts to attend the creole bootcamps and for purchasing the creole video program and books so that you can communicate with family, friends, your children, and the people you are serving with your whole heart. There are countless testimonies that I can’t keep up with but it’s a joy for me to know that all our hard work is paying off! I keep meaning to post individual updates after every bootcamp but that doesn’t seem possible. I know that it is difficult for people to attend because of time, schedule conflict, and family dynamics so I’m extending a Thanksgiving offer and also the schedule for the remaining bootcamps is below. Please send an email to haitiangloria@yahoo.com if you’d like for us to come to your area.

2017-09-07 17.40.48With the Thanksgiving Creole Program Sale you get:

1- video program to download and own

2- a copy of the workbook which has a dictionary

3- free shipping

Send $100 to paypal.me/haitiangloria and include your full name and shipping address in the PayPal note. If you are interested in the children’s program, please email me at haitiangloria@yahoo.com for a discount and a free copy of the book. DO NOT PURCHASE if you have attended or will attend a creole bootcamp when I come to your area, since your discount is greater.

2017-09-07 19.41.31Remaining Bootcamp Schedules

1- Indianapolis, Indiana November 17th-19th

2- Springfield, Tennessee December 4th-6th

3- Nashville, Tennessee December 7th-9th

4- Phoenix, Arizona December 14th-16th

5- Weatherford, Texas January 4th-6th, with Emily Michael teaching the children for free with her Children Can Learn Creole with Emily program!

6- Wisconsin, January 9th-11th

7- Dallas, Texas January 25th-27th

*February-May FREE CREOLE & CULTURE LESSONS (with Haitian food) at U-CITY FAMILY CHURCH in ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI. Meeting twice a month.*

8- Joplin, Missouri February 3rd-4th

9- Wilmington, North Carolina February 8th-10th

10- Plainfield, Illinois February 22nd-24th

11- Irvine, California March 19th-21st

12- April 26th-28th Washington, DC at National Community Church (exact dates and times TBD)

14- Alberta/Edmonton, Canada June (Dates TBD), with Emily Michael teaching the children for free with her Children Can Learn Creole with Emily program!

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