1. What do I need to join the Live Chats? The Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria workbook and video downloads. Also, go on my (Gloria Guignard Board) Facebook profile to view the Live Chats.
  2. What if I ordered the materials within 3 weeks of the first Live Chat or after; can I still join? Absolutely! It takes 3 weeks from order to arrival for the workbooks. This is why Live Chats will remain on my Facebook profile for 3 weeks for people who need to catch up. Definitely message me on Facebook or email me at haitiangloria@yahoo.com so that I can know that you need to catch up.
  3. What is the purpose of the Live Chats? A lot of people tell me that they purchased my program and or other kreyòl language programs with great enthusiasm but then when they go to Haiti, they use an interpreter and come back feeling less motivated. The Live Chats are a way to guide everyone through the Beginners program from beginning to end for one year. This gives accountability and basically no excuses for not completely Level I. It’s like getting a free guided tour with tutoring.
  4. What time are the Live Chats? 6:30pm CST, 7:30pm EST, 4:30pm PST, 5:30pm MST, 9:30am for Australia and 1am Western Europe.
  5. Will you skip any weeks? Yes, we will take 4-6 weeks off early summer for people traveling to Haiti and for the rest of us to take a breather, also for people needing to catch up for various reasons. Our last session is the Thursday before Thanksgiving 2020.
  6. What if I already know some kreyòl? If you have any gaps in the language, this is very good for you. You’re someone who can listen to the Live Chats while cooking or being busy doing something else and then when you hear a teaching that you did not know, you can pause and take it in and do the assignment for that week to help solidify the new information. If you are fluent in kreyòl, you do not need to join the Live Chats or purchase the materials at all.
  7. What if I have never been to Haiti or have never heard kreyòl? This is perfect for you! We are starting from scratch. I will literally focus on introducing the program and the language on the first week and show you how to use the resources, in general.
  8. What do I need to do before the first Live Chat? Absolutely nothing! I will give out the weekly assignments during the Live Chats. No prep work needed, just make sure you have the materials.
  9. What if I can get by on some kreyòl, have been to bootcamp, and/or did a few lessons in the workbook already? In the beginning, you may fit in with the person in my answer in number 6. However, there is a point you’ll reach where you will definitely need to start doing the assignments and chiming in on the Live Chats with questions.
  10. What if I consider myself an advanced learner? You may not need the Live Chats at all. However, I will post my weekly Haitian Poetry readings every Thursday on my personal profile on Facebook. This is the more complicated kreyòl that takes a lifetime to learn. I will include the translations but nothing will be in written format for advanced learners. I will recite the poem in kreyòl and then in English.
  11. What if I used to have the video downloads but no longer have access to them? Please shoot me a message on messenger or email haitiangloria@yahoo.com so I can give you access. Access is only for one year on the site but I give everyone free access after the initial purchase. You’ll just need to send me a screenshot of your previous purchase.
  12. What if I don’t have enough storage for the video downloads? I always advise people to download them onto a flashdrive, especially if you’re in Haiti. That solves the problem.
  13. Will this be helpful to adopting families? Definitely! The first 3 lessons in the workbook focuses on language for arrival in Haiti and verbs for interacting with children.
  14. How long will the actual Live Chats be? I’m trying to keep them between 45 minutes and an hour so we can all have dinner! However, the length is dependent on your questions or any frustrations you had during the week. I will be answering those during the Live Chats. It is very important that we interact because if you let the frustration go on, you may be tempted to give up. I will not be able to keep up with questions on messenger or via email. Keeping all of the questions in the same place, helps me to keep up and is helpful to individuals who may have the same questions or frustrations.
  15. What if I miss a Live Chat? I will keep them on my facebook profile for 3 weeks for you to catch up. I would advise everyone, if possible, to keep up.
  16. What if I have the workbook but not the video downloads? The weekly assignments will be based on the workbook and the video downloads. I will not cover what is already in those materials but I will answer questions about people’s struggles during the week or what they need me to expand on. This helps us to use our time wisely and is the basis for the Live Chats. I want to see you through this program, together.
  17. What is the discount price for the workbook and video downloads for people doing the Live Chats? If you already have the workbook the downloads are at a half off discount of $75US. If you have neither, the cost is at a discount of $100US all payable to paypal.me/haitiangloria. Email haitiangloria@yahoo.com for group discounts and shipping (free shipping in North America) information.
  18. What teachings will you be adding to the Live Chats? Other than giving weekly workbook and video download assignments and answering questions based on those assignments, I will also give cultural tips and history on the language to help you understand certain word meanings, phrase structure, and the importance of body language.
  19. Can children benefit from the Live Chats? If they are using the Children Can Learn Haitian Creole with Emily, they may be too young. A parent should be there to guide them but, if they’re about 12 years old or older, it’s possible for them to keep up. Parents and Guardians can make that decision.
  20. Are we doing one lesson a week? Absolutely not. Language can’t be learned by lessons but by interaction and teachings. In other words, we will focus on a teaching focus for the week rather than trying to have you memorize the entire vocabulary list for one lesson in just one week. Most of you have full time jobs, families to care for, and work in Haiti to focus on. I want this to be as doable as possible. The first lesson will take about 3 weeks and the others at least 2 weeks. Consider that we are completing this 20 lesson program in approximately 46 weeks. This gives you a lot of time to allow the information to click and settle in.


That’s the end of the 20 Q & A’s for our 20 Live Chats in 2020! SO EXCITING!!! If you have anymore questions please go ahead and comment under this post on Facebook.

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