Join us, with your children, every Monday on GLORIA GUIGNARD BOARD’S Facebook profile for LIVE CHATS at 12pm, central time. Send $80 to Emily for the Children Can Learn Haitian Creole with Emily video downloads & workbook. Get FREE SHIPPING in the United States and Canada.


We’re in a very interesting season when families are at home teaching their children and some of you are trying for the first time, to find resources that both interest and teach them something that is of value. That is why we decided to offer this special discount.

The Program Includes:

-brightly colored graphics to capture their attention

-28 lessons with short videos for short attention spans

-usable sentences for everyday language

-vocabulary words listed categorically

-a section of children’s songs to go with accompanying videos

-just enough cultural content to intrigue them

-comprehension and articulation exercises

-bonus exercises in the back for older children



Email for orders outside of North America.



  1. Hello Gloria,

    I am super excited as the Bahamas is my favorite island and many of my friends are Haitian and Bahamian. Anyway, I am a good old US creole mama myself from Louisiana. We are homeschoolers and ready to learn.
    But the hubby is Haitian and I have been telling him I wanted the kids to learn and he feels they are too young. But the reality is they are ready to soak up all the knowledge (4, 6, 11). How do we make the transaction?

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