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Learn Haitian-Creole with Gloria Complete Creole Video and Workbook Instruction Program

The Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria program began with over 200 live lessons via Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facetime with missionaries, people adopting Haitian children, and spouses of Haitians. After developing my own program during the process a dear student asked me to bind the curriculum and sell it to her. And now it is a complete workbook and an online video download program taking you from the foundation of Haitian-Creole grammar to a deeper conversation level. I believe God used a Haitian living in the U.S. because people needed a bridge from English grammar to Haitian-Creole grammar.

These resources include a 10,000 word dictionary, over 50 practice sentences using everyday language, a vocabulary listed categorically, and a section for adopting families. The Haiti orders are printed by HALO, a printing company in Haiti with an excellent Haitian staff.
The workbook is available on Amazon.

The entire program is now in a video format available on Vimeo. You can download the videos to view at your own pace and convenience or simply for review.

This package is available at a discount price when you email haitiangloria@yahoo.com for a discount.

“Just got back from my 6th mission trip to Haiti. I was able to communicate and understand much more this time thanks to you Gloria! Thank you so much for sharing your talent in teaching us.”

Erica Hundley

*Cover Art by Meghan Williams.