About Gloria 

Bonjou! M’rele Gloria!

I was born in the Bahamas, (a nation with 50% Haitians), to Haitian parents. I’m an author, language instructor, and entrepreneur. I am fluent in both Haitian-creole, my native tongue, and English. In 2004-2005 I attended Fontbonne University in St Louis, Missouri, for a full year to learn how to teach my son who was born deaf, how to articulate clearly, read, and understand both the written and spoken language of English. After several summers in Haiti with my family, my daughter and I began to teach kreyòl to friends, Haitian diasporas, missionaries, NGO’s, and people adopting from Haiti. After trying different programs, which did not lead to lasting results, I developed a curriculum and we practiced on over 200 individuals for 90 days, one-on-one via Skype, Google Hangouts, and FaceTime. Soon various churches and organizations noted the success of the program and contacted us for lessons. The Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria program was created whereby I implemented all that I had learned in my speech and language courses to help people be confident with their articulations skills. The provides a strong grammatical foundation and helps people to become more fluent in their communication skills.

Since then, people who have used the Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria workbook and video downloads on Vimeo say that they have developed better kreyòl skills and carry out deeper level of communication with Haitians. I have also traveled to over 40 states, several provinces in Canada, to Holland, Germany, Haiti, and Australia teaching at mini-Haitian creole bootcamps.

If you are interested in a Haitian Creole and Culture Bootcamp in your area please contact me at haitiangloria@yahoo.com. The workbook is available on Amazon and the video downloads are available at Vimeo.