Haitian-Creole Bootcamps 2019

Please email haitiangloria@yahoo.com for more information to schedule your own bootcamp!

















*POSSIBLE bootcamps in Europe this November (Netherlands, Germany, and Italy).

Holiday Discount

Save over $75 on the top selling Haitian-creole program for family, friends, and team members at the holiday discount price.

The Learn Haitian Creole with Gloria video downloads + workbook is on sale for $100. Join the thousands of people all over Europe, Australia, Canada, Mexico, South America, Israel, and in every state in the United States of America who are learning to speak kreyòl to communicate with loved ones and build relationships with the people of Haiti.

Send $100US to PayPal (add $25 for purchases outside of North America). Make sure that your PayPal email and shipping address is current. Write “HOLIDAY DISCOUNT” in the notes section. Your workbook and video download instructions will be shipped to you within 7-10 days.

Contact us at haitiangloria@yahoo.com if you have any questions!

Mwen, Pitit Lamizè

Mwen, Pitit lamizè

Mwen, pitit lasoufrans

I’m a child of poverty

I am a child of suffering

Mwen, restavèk

Domestik, tyoul

I’m a child-servant

A domestic an errand boy

Si li konnen

Anba-anba m’ape rete

And does she know

I’m down in the pits

Pou lèzòt maltrete-m

Pou lèzòt meprize-m

Where others abuse me

Where others despise me

Anba-anba m’ape rete

Pou lèzòt pilonnen-m

I’m down in the pits

Where others walk all over me



Dirtying me up

Roughing me up

Di li

Tanpri di li pou mwen

Tell her

Please tell her for me

Li mèt ale

M’a pa fout bezen-l ankò

She should stay away

I sure as heck don’t need her anymore

Poem by

Jan-Mari Wilè Deni

Jean-Marie Willer Denis

Art by

Chevelin Pierre

2019 Haitian-Creole Bootcamps


We’re so thankful for the amazing time we’ve shared the past few months with all of our friends in Canada and Oregon, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Tennessee, Washington, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, California, Michigan, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, Kentucky, Utah, Ohio, Montana, South Dakota, Mississippi, South Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana, Miami, Iowa, and Haiti! Thank you so much for making our past Creole Bootcamps warm and fun! Our family loved exploring various parts of the United States and getting to meet friends and going beyond the Facebook images and status posts. I know we’ll have more opportunities to connect, in real life again, in the future!


2019 Summer and Fall Haitian-Creole Bootcamps are already forming and if you’re interested in hosting one with friends, team members, or with the members of the adoption agencies in your state please email haitiangloria@yahoo.com for more information. In a nutshell, the bootcamps help to jumpstart a beginner or boost the creole of someone who is already in the process of learning the language. Dates and times are up to the individual who decides to coordinate on their end. Coordinators are responsible to find a location and help co-host the Facebook Events Page.











26th-27th MINNESOTA



24th-25th VINTON, IOWA 







* If your organization would like to host a bootcamp, in any country, just shoot us a message so we can see if that’s possible.


The photo above is of the creole bootcamp students from Living Word Lutheran High School in Wisconsin who went to Haiti and used the creole they learned to communicate with children. They also played one of the games we taught them called Tonton Bouki! Thank you for understanding the importance of learning the language of a people you love, respect, and want to build relationship with. Thank you all for the honor and privilege of allowing us to be a part of your journey.

Pursuing Haitian Creole

2017-09-16 13.51.28I still can’t believe we’ve had over twelve bootcamps in the last four months from the west to east coast and north to south with people investing their time traveling from Philadelphia to Indianapolis, from Canada to Minnesota, from Oregon to Washington, and even from within their own state for up to 5 hours! Since the LHCwG program launched I’ve seen more and more people committed to learning Haitian Creole. I’ve received countless notes from team and organization leaders stating their surprise because of individuals and teams coming to Haiti for the first time carrying on simple conversation just because they purchased the books and video program before traveling. My favorite are the adopting families who say that their child/kids were surprised and thrilled that they could be understood and that the nannies were wowed! This is amazing! Really!

I want to thank everyone for making such huge efforts to attend the creole bootcamps and for purchasing the creole video program and books so that you can communicate with family, friends, your children, and the people you are serving with your whole heart. There are countless testimonies that I can’t keep up with but it’s a joy for me to know that all our hard work is paying off! I keep meaning to post individual updates after every bootcamp but that doesn’t seem possible. I know that it is difficult for people to attend because of time, schedule conflict, and family dynamics so I’m extending a Thanksgiving offer and also the schedule for the remaining bootcamps is below. Please send an email to haitiangloria@yahoo.com if you’d like for us to come to your area.

2017-09-07 17.40.48With the Thanksgiving Creole Program Sale you get:

1- video program to download and own

2- a copy of the workbook which has a dictionary

3- free shipping

Send $100 to paypal.me/haitiangloria and include your full name and shipping address in the PayPal note. If you are interested in the children’s program, please email me at haitiangloria@yahoo.com for a discount and a free copy of the book. DO NOT PURCHASE if you have attended or will attend a creole bootcamp when I come to your area, since your discount is greater.

2017-09-07 19.41.31Remaining Bootcamp Schedules

1- Indianapolis, Indiana November 17th-19th

2- Springfield, Tennessee December 4th-6th

3- Nashville, Tennessee December 7th-9th

4- Phoenix, Arizona December 14th-16th

5- Weatherford, Texas January 4th-6th, with Emily Michael teaching the children for free with her Children Can Learn Creole with Emily program!

6- Wisconsin, January 9th-11th

7- Dallas, Texas January 25th-27th

*February-May FREE CREOLE & CULTURE LESSONS (with Haitian food) at U-CITY FAMILY CHURCH in ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI. Meeting twice a month.*

8- Joplin, Missouri February 3rd-4th

9- Wilmington, North Carolina February 8th-10th

10- Plainfield, Illinois February 22nd-24th

11- Irvine, California March 19th-21st

12- April 26th-28th Washington, DC at National Community Church (exact dates and times TBD)

14- Alberta/Edmonton, Canada June (Dates TBD), with Emily Michael teaching the children for free with her Children Can Learn Creole with Emily program!

My Zanmi is My Friend 

My Dearest Friend, 

We long to see each other and are comforted each time we do
The room is filled with laughter when we meet 

The gray skies are parted and the sun peers through when we are together 

You call me before I know I need to hear your sweet voice

You come to see me before I know I need a friendly face

Thanks for relentlessly pouring into me, preventing me from being all dried up

You check up on me before I know something is wrong 

You nurture motherless me without babying me

You welcome my vulnerability but never abuse my openness 

You ask me what my needs are before I know that I am in need 

You bandage my wounds before it scars  

You cover all my mistakes, my sins are not hidden from you 

You selflessly give and outgive my giving with your wise counsel

You never need to win an argument but rather bring light to the situation 

You endeavor to listen to me instead of clanging loudly in my ear 

You seek me out when I hide myself from the wide dark world 

You know me yet think the best of me 

You recover when I comfort you and heed my counsel

When I succeed, you triumph with me 

You open your heart to me and shut out the dividing words of the evil one 

Your face is as soothing to me as as the warm rays of the sun on a chilly day

We’ve had our adventures but never relationship downs

We’ve laughed, cried, and vented together but never shown anger to each other 

We pray for one another’s children and spouses as if standing at the gates of Heaven on behalf of our own 

Life feels a more comfortable temporary home because you’re in it

Bòn Fèt (Happy Birthday), Lisa! 

Teams & Haitian Kids

I received a long message last week: “Fb (Facebook) posting shy but have an opinion on teams giving out stuff…”

This was in response to a question that I had put to the Haiti discussion group on Facebook. My post: 

“What are your feelings when foreigners (non-Haitian) give out candy or little knickknacks to a Haitian child without permission from the Haitian parent or any adult who is there with them?”

I was asked to post this question by a dear friend of mine, who is not Haitian, who had her Haitian kids out with her and some team members of another organization walked right up to them, without her permission, and started handing out candy. Many people responded about how they have seen this behavior and are often embarrassed, shocked, or angry. Several people said that they could see why people would do this because they’re unaware of how wrong and disrespectful it is. But this was the answer (sent in the message box) that really expressed how I feel about it. 

“We had a meeting for parents (Haitian) a couple years ago explaining what we wanted to do here (Haiti) and asked if that was something they wanted for their kids and asked what was important to them. Several hundred parents and they first said “no on ever asks us what we want or what we think is important for our children. They just come to our village and do vbs or an activity. They call our children to come and we don’t know who they are or what they teach” “it’s important to us that they are safe, can be fed and we want them to learn not to join gangs, watch bad things on games or Internet, have sex, walk away from God…” I know people come with huge hearts to serve and share Jesus but when you see a group of forty walking through the same village day after day with one small tree and they are basically taking pictures and I see my Haitian friends give me the roll their eyes look like they do nothing for us but we’re gonna put on a smile and hopefully get something from them it breaks my heart. The language barrier is a huge problem because interpreters can only translate for so many and sometimes they only translate what they think you need to hear.  

“Showing true respect and acknowledgement to parents who may feel less than the blans is important to both them and for their children to see.

“So many kids we know grew up in a time after the earthquake of handouts and at no fault of their own still expect it. Giving them activities/projects to do or things to help with or hand out (locally made or bought) in their community for their neighbors teaches them how to give and what that feels like when they do.”
That pretty much says it all!