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Mwen, Pitit Lamizè

Mwen, Pitit lamizè

Mwen, pitit lasoufrans

I’m a child of poverty

I am a child of suffering

Mwen, restavèk

Domestik, tyoul

I’m a child-servant

A domestic an errand boy

Si li konnen

Anba-anba m’ape rete

And does she know

I’m down in the pits

Pou lèzòt maltrete-m

Pou lèzòt meprize-m

Where others abuse me

Where others despise me

Anba-anba m’ape rete

Pou lèzòt pilonnen-m

I’m down in the pits

Where others walk all over me



Dirtying me up

Roughing me up

Di li

Tanpri di li pou mwen

Tell her

Please tell her for me

Li mèt ale

M’a pa fout bezen-l ankò

She should stay away

I sure as heck don’t need her anymore

Poem by

Jan-Mari Wilè Deni

Jean-Marie Willer Denis

Art by

Chevelin Pierre